Elios High Resolution 

Organize your plant and make future maintenance a breeze by capturing and categorizing each serial number.

Serial Number + HD Visuals

What is Elios High Res?

Elios High Res is a thorough inspection of your site using a drone with high-resolution cameras to capture data of your plant. With the 0.1mm - 0.5mm high definition cameras we can capture the serial numbers of each panel and produce high-res photos for visual anomaly identification. You can easily view all of this on Elios Portal, keeping your portfolio organized.


Designed for Industry Professionals

Elios High Res was created to serve PV Plant Owners, Asset Managers, O&M companies and Technical Advisors. Elios High Res Inspection gives you the data, platform and base that you need to keep track of your entire portfolio.

Elios High Res on laptops with serial number inspection
Thermal orthomosaic with hotspots visible
Close up view of solar panel

How Does It Work?

We customize a flight plan based on the plant’s electrical layout then fly the plant using drones to capture the required images. We provide the RGB photos to give you a complete picture of your plant. All data is uploaded to the Elios Portal, where you can choose the analytics tools that best suit your needs.


Key Benefits

  • Obtain high-quality photos

  • Capture individual serial numbers

  • Onboarding to Elios Portal included

  • Thorough annual inspections

  • Choose the Elios Analytics Tools you need

  • Add users to view selected data

More Elios Solutions

Clients who use Elios High Res have also benefited from the following solutions. 

Elios Analytics icon

EliosField Analytics Tools

Use Elios Portal, our web platform, as a base to house all your inspection data. Then pick and choose from our plethora of analytics tools to meet your needs.

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Ease your mind, reduce costs and know exactly what is going on within your plant, so you can make the safest and smartest decisions for your business.

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EliosField App

EliosField App combines our app, the CAT S62 Pro thermal phone and our web-portal to give you a seamless workflow between field and office.



“We came to Wesii because they offer an advanced technological service, they are ambitious and have a great intuition when it comes to technological innovation. I’m excited to see what they develop next!”

– Elena Bernardi

Head of Operations, BayWa Italia

“Wesii Aerial Thermo offers us a smart, effective way to provide insightful feedback over our client’s PV Plant health. They have a detail-oriented approach, but mostly they keep innovating their service delivery and quality standards to make their services very useful for their clients.”

– Alfredo Beggi

Head of Sales & Development, Stern


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