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EliosField App: The Field Tool You've Been Waiting For

New Product Release: EliosField App

We’ve heard your requests, we’ve developed based on your needs and now we’ve released… the EliosField App, a field tool to help you truly navigate solar plants with ease, manage tickets on site and take photos of thermal and visual anomalies on the spot.

Sooooo what is it exactly?

Great question.

Our app takes the enhanced thermal camera of the CAT S62 Pro plus our innovative software to help you easily navigate your plant with its Go-To-Panel function and built-in GPS.

You can also capture images with the FLIR Lepton 3.5 sensor, easily create and manage tickets, and immediately sync it all straight to the web-portal, allowing you to easily track all the work done in the field.

Key Features + Benefits

  • Easily navigate your plant with built-in GPS

  • Take thermal photos of your panels to see anomalies up close and personal

  • Upload the most up-to-date information to the web-portal in seconds

  • Easily change panel information

  • Create and manage tickets

  • Go digital, go paperless

  • Stay on the same page, or in this case screen, as your team

Want more information? Download the Data Sheet below or send an email to to speak with a sales specialist


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