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O&M Companies Should be Going Digital: Here’s Why

Nowadays, Wesii offers O&M companies several tools and products that bring so many benefits compared to the usual manual inspection and ticketing methods.

Everything starts with the restitution of a so-called “orthomosaic” to visualize the photovoltaic plant. Why not simply share the original photos captured during the inspection, as our competitors do? In fact, an orthomosaic is generated from most of the collected photos as they are aligned, linked together and georeferenced: the result is a single image that includes the entire flown area (i.e. the whole plant) with the main feature of being polished from all the geometrical distortions caused by either perspective or camera lengths.

comparison between original photos and orthomosaic
Original Orthomosaic

Therefore, through Elios Portal, our digital platform, O&M companies can have a precise and updated view at the overall plant conditions to either check the position of the panels and the potential missing ones, or to perform accurate geometrical measurements.

I just mentioned Elios Portal, didn’t I? Well, no manual inspection can ever lead to such a high level of stratification of information like what we make available in the portal. Each PV plant is associated with a deep layering of data both vertically and horizontally: meteorological, thermal, visual and technical pieces of information of a single inspection are combined and enriched by georeferencing; on the other hand, different inspections performed in different times can be visually and statistically compared for a multi-temporal analysis.

Elios Portal - 3D Orthomosaic

This huge potential allows us to exploit the maximum frequency of inspections and measurements. It also requires the fastest possible synchronization of all the data already stored, which brings us to our final reason you should adhere to the digital future.

The combination of our EliosField App with the FLIR thermal camera and the GPS both built in CATS62 Pro completes the final step towards an automatic update of everything mentioned above: you can go in the field, keep track of all the new and the old anomalies detected and directly add the new layer of information to the plant orthomosaic stored in Elios Portal. No need to wait for going back to the office, no need to rewrite nor conduct cross-correlation of the manual inspection results.

EliosField App

So, to be honest, there is one more, last reason to go digital which just so happens to be my personal favourite...

It drastically improves the maintenance and the managing of renewable energy production, making our everyday lives a bit more sustainable for our planet. Which is a reason to go digital more than enough by itself! Wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s get digital… today.

Send us an email at to get started.


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