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Wesii Solar

Experts in the Solar Industry

Since solar energy is the cleanest renewable energy source, it is no wonder that new solar plants are popping up all over the world, making it the most abundant renewable energy source.


The use of solar power is an important and major step we have collectively taken to make the world a greener place.

A lot goes into the making and management of solar plants and it takes many teams of people and the new emerging technology that we have seen in the past few years to not only simplify the work but to help save money and energy as well. 

Here at Wesii, we specialize in capturing the necessary data using drones and planes with multispectral sensors and high-resolution cameras to provide our clients (plant owners, asset managers and O&M companies) with thermal and visual photos to perform plant analysis.


After the data is precisely captured with our high-level flight and hardware requirements, we offer analytics services (SaaS) to discover together what areas of the plants need attention, to track the changes of the plant, and provide a comprehensive platform to house all the information in one place.

Rows of solar panels in PV plant

Curious how it works?

Let’s get started...

Elios solar panel PV plant icon
Aerial view of PV plant

New to Wesii?

Basic Onboarding Plan

Good things take time, but the great news is, you can easily onboard onto the Wesii platform.


First, we bring you on board the Wesii platform by adding all your historical data to our web-portal. This includes a 3-month trial of the Wesii Portal. 

N.B. European plants only.

Existing Client?

Pro Onboarding Plan

Existing Wesii clients can upload all new European plants and access our Analytics tools and the Wesii App.

Get the full analytics package and utilize all of Wesii’s tools to help you make the best business decisions.

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