Trusted Aerial Inspection Services for Solar & Wind

Your one-stop solution to help you and your team not only manage, but have full control over your assets, with access to our aerial thermography flights, plant digitization, data processing, anomaly classifications and reporting.

Experts in Solar & Wind Aerial Inspection & Remote Sensing

With extensive experience in the solar industry and remote sensing, we offer asset owners, managers and O&M companies the solutions they need in order to make the smartest decisions for their business. This includes aerial thermography, serial number mapping and visual inspections where we process the data and display it right on our easy to use web-portal where you can filter the data, create custom reports and share them.

We are dedicated to helping our clients not just for today, but for tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that.

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A drone performing an aerial inspection of a PV plant
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Solar panel plant on a sunny day

Why Partner with Wesii?

With our yearly surveys plus our soon to come, Fly-It-Yourself inspections, our clients are always in the know to make informed decisions and take preventative actions.

Key Benefits

  • AI to detect anomalies

  • Experienced analysis team for quality control

  • Easy to use web-portal to house data all in one place

  • Site onboarding plans

  • Multi-temporal view to help predict future maintenance

  • Eco-friendly - completely digitized 

  • Intuitive, comprehensive reports

  • Flight plans and HSE documents covered

  • Dedicated customer support

Our Inspection Solutions

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Elios Aerial Thermography

Ease your mind, reduce costs and know exactly what is going on with your plant so you can make the smartest and safest decisions for your business.


Elios Aerial Thermography is a thorough inspection of your site using either drone or plane with multispectral sensors to capture thermal photos of your plant. We digitize your plant, provide data analysis and reports. You can easily view all of this on Elios Portal, keeping your portfolio organized.

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Our Analytics Solutions

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Elios Web-Portal

Manage your plant with ease and get the whole team on the same page by having your digitized plant, data and reports in one easy to use web-portal.


With our web-portal, you are able to view all of the captured data, analyses and serial numbers in one place. You are able to view all past surveys as well, allowing you to compare and predict your needs for the future. Other features include custom reports, anomaly filters and multiple logins so you can share results with third parties.

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Our Field Tools

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EliosField App

Always be connected whether you are in the field or in the office.
We are in the business of being green, are we not? It’s time we go paperless in the field. Use the EliosField App to access your most recent inspection, find the problem panel, update panel information and create tickets. Then view everything you’ve done from the web-portal in the office.


Simple on your end, complex on ours.

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Our Clients

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“We came to Wesii because they offer an advanced technological service, they are ambitious and have a great intuition when it comes to technological innovation. I’m excited to see what they develop next!”

– Elena Bernardi

Head of Operations, BayWa r.e. Italia

“Wesii Aerial Thermo offers us a smart, effective way to provide insightful feedback over our client’s PV Plant health. They have a detail-oriented approach, but mostly they keep innovating their service delivery and quality standards to make their services very useful for their clients.”

– Alfredo Beggi

Head of Sales & Development, Stern Energy

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Our solutions work hand-in-hand to help you keep track of your plant and manage your portfolio. Inspections are performed annually while our field tools allow you to get timely data on your plant (whenever and wherever you want) to keep maintenance management running smoothly. Our analytics tools allow you to view and analyze your plant's data based on your specific needs. Utilize all three to make the best business decisions.

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