WESII operates within the multispectral drone sector, small “unmanned” aircraft equipped with unconventional sensors, in order to collect images within a wide range of wavelengths spectrum.



The platform we developed includes the automated drone flight control system, the image processing system and the user interface, where the client can easily access his data. The areas of interest are generally pre-set in the drone’s flight control system, thus it is ready to fly. The user interface is costumer oriented, in order to better fit the clients needs.

According to published information a drone can survey 4,000 panels in about 10 minutes while a human inspection would take more than 1 week at a rate of two panels inspection per minute.


In the different areas of the turf, a high variability is observed for wear intensity, plant density, nutritional status, weed species and fungal diseases, soil compactness and moisture.

The adoption of specific site interventions allows to apply what is needed whenever and wherever is needed.

An absolute innovation in the field of football with the goal of maintaining the high quality of the turf, reducing injuries and management costs.


Wesii is also active within the environment with its application tailored for Landfill sites. 3D Mapping of sites, Analyses of Volumes and Drainage lines can all be performed more efficiently, thanks to the application of aerial drones.

Furthermore, Thermal images are a useful tool to map biogas underground which can help its collection and management to reduce environmental impact.


Wesii has developed applications of drone technology specifically designed for vineyard. lt is oriented to vine grower and agronomists.

From Multispectral analysis, through image – processing the near infrared (NIR) wavelength is used to generate the Vegetation lndex.

It provides valuable information on:

  • Vegetation status and growth data
  • Land status and nutrients concentration
  • Derived maps on drainage and land morphology


Multispectral camera

Multispectral camera for agriculture Self-calibrated using the Sunshine sensor RGB camera 16 Mpx for scouting High photo rate (1 picture per second) Independent from the drone Standard protocol (PTP) for communication with drones USB powered

Radiometric thermal camera

Accurate real-time, non-contact temperature measurement of structures and equipment Compatible with FLIR Tools for full post-flight analysis and report generation Record real-time thermal videos in MOV format Save still images as Radiometric JPEG, or 14-bit TIFF formats MAVLink integration Adjust camera functions with PWM inputs from your controller Field-upgradeability makes sure you all always have the latest features Power-in/analog video-out interface over 10-pin mini-USB connector Image settings optimized for airborne operations


App – ELIOS –

Our app is available on the Google Playstore and can be downloaded for free on any device with a minimum version of 4.4 Android (KITKAT).
The features currently available are:
-Login with ELIOS credentials.
-Offline mode
-Plants visualization through Map and / or List.
-Plant Detail (Layer TIR, RGB, DELTA T, ANOMALY)
-Sensor Data (only for pilots).
-User profile.



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