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About Us

Who Are Wesii?

Wesii is an Italian start-up established in 2016 and operating worldwide through key partnerships and a capillary network of collaborations. With over ten years' experience with multispectral remote sensing activities, gained by its founders and key team members in major European laboratories and research centers, Wesii provides cutting-edge multispectral inspection services for a wide variety of businesses. Wesii applications range from solar plants to landfill site monitoring, from agricultural to naval, and even sports.


Wesii has combined the experience gained in remote sensing technologies with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (‘UAV’ or ‘Drones’) and Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’) for automated image recognition, bringing to various markets innovative, reliable and cost-efficient services available for a wide range of customers, from Operators to Asset Managers and Owners. 


Wesii has been focusing on the PV Industry since its establishment on aerial inspection and AI-based diagnosis services of PV modules. Current inspection practices of solar farms involve ground-based inspections of PV panels which are time-consuming with significant impact on costs. Our technical solution involves the use of drones and starting from 2021, also planes equipped with high-definition visual (‘RGB’) and thermal InfraRed (‘IR’) cameras for the thermographic analysis of photovoltaic panels. Thus, granting a high level of accuracy and allowing for the identification and geolocation of defects and faults affecting PV modules.

The Wesii team outside the office with drones
A drone flying over solar panels with the sun behind

Why Choose Us?

Wesii has developed complex proprietary AI algorithms for the identification and classification of PV modules thermal anomalies spotted during the aerial survey to provide analysis and reliable diagnostics of the collected images. Thanks to these automated procedures, all the relevant information is elaborated to produce an easy, accessible and accurate view of the PV modules’ health status.

Precise Capture
Precise PV plant survey thanks to rigorous flight planning and usage of a series of thermal and HD visible cameras.

Profitable Prospect
Aerial inspection allows you to act quickly on the problematic areas of the PV plant and leads to significant savings and profit boosts in terms of further business planning.

Easily Accessible Data
Wesii Portal provides an easy way to access thermographic and HD visible reports, statistics and multitemporal views.


Meet the Team

Meet the hard-working, coffee-drinking folks who make the magic happen at Wesii HQ!

Our Partners

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