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Wesii App

Your one-stop solution for keeping track of all field activities!

What is the Wesii App?


Wesii App combines our app, the CAT S62 Pro thermal phone and our web-portal to give you a seamless workflow between field and office.


Wesii App + Mobile

We take the enhanced thermal camera of the CAT S62 plus the innovative software of Wesii App to help you easily navigate your plant with its Go-To-Panel function and built-in GPS. You can also capture images with the FLIR Lepton 3.5 sensor, easily create and manage tickets, and immediately sync it all straight to the web-portal, allowing you to easily track all the work done in the field.


Wesii Portal


Wesii Portal provides a one-stop platform to store all of your captured data and analysis. With Wesii Portal, you can view multiple inspections, track the progress of your plant and compare the surveys after each job. You can filter by anomaly, create custom reports and give limited access to other users.

EliosField technical support agent speaking to PV plant owner

Wesii Support

The Wesii support team is here to provide you with all the help you need as you take flight and gain full control of your plant. Support includes video user guide, manual user guide and an on-call Wesii agent to answer any questions that may arise.


Key Benefits

  • Easily navigate your plant with built-in GPS

  • Take thermal photos of your panels to see anomalies up close and personal

  • Upload the most up-to-date information to the web-portal in seconds

  • Easily change panel information

  • Create and manage tickets

Drone pilot with controls

More Wesii Solutions

Clients who use Wesii App have also benefited from the following solutions. 

Elios Analytics icon

Analytics Tools

Use Wesii Portal, our web platform, as a base to house all your inspection data. Then pick and choose from our plethora of analytics tools to meet your needs.

Elios PV plant aerial inspections icon

Aerial Thermography

Ease your mind, reduce costs and know exactly what is going on within your plant, so you can make the safest and smartest decisions for your business.

EliosField Dronino icon

Dronino FIY

Get our app, the CAT S62 Pro thermal phone, DJI Mavic mini drone and our web-portal to enable you to perform Fly-It-Yourself inspections.



“We came to Wesii because they offer an advanced technological service, they are ambitious and have a great intuition when it comes to technological innovation. I’m excited to see what they develop next!”

– Elena Bernardi

Head of Operations, BayWa Italia

“Wesii Aerial Thermography offers us a smart, effective way to provide insightful feedback over our client’s PV Plant health. They have a detail-oriented approach, but mostly they keep innovating their service delivery and quality standards to make their services very useful for their clients.”

– Alfredo Beggi

Head of Sales & Development, Stern


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