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Case Studies

Client: Stern
Solution: Aerial Thermography

Stern was looking for a quicker, technically-rooted way to provide its client with a thermographic assessment to detect possible anomalies and to intervene in a hands-on way to solve "hard to detect" plant issues. In addition, they were looking for a cost-efficient way to provide comprehensive, smart reporting, including a physical overview and full PDF reporting of the plant.

How did we solve the problem?

Thanks to aerial thermography, Wesii obtained a physical overview of the plants, digitized them and provided information about each panel’s temperatures and possible anomalies. The client could then smartly realize the issue and decide if and how to intervene to fix it.


What was the result?

Since 2017, Wesii has been collaborating successfully with Stern, providing aerial and thermographic inspections on a recurrent yearly basis. We started in 2017 with 6 of their plants, totalling 5.7 MWP, and today, we inspect on average one hundred plants per year, with the target of increasing these figures.
Furthermore, our cooperation with Stern over the years has helped improve our service deliverables and understanding of clients’ needs. At the same time, Stern has helped us to deepen and enrich our technical expertise in the PV field.

Client: Belectric
Solution: High Resolution Visual Inspection

Belectric wanted to find thermal and visual anomalies on their thin-film modules that were affecting the power generation of a specific plant. They also wanted to have a place to categorize their already collected serial numbers, which were stored on an Excel spreadsheet.


How did we solve the problem?

We performed Full Anomaly Classification with a High Resolution Visual Inspection using our high-definition 0.5mm camera. We then uploaded all of the captured data to the web-portal, where they were able to view the high-resolution photos.

High definition view of damaged solar panel

What was the result?

With the results from this inspection, we were able to identify and present the main problem, which ended up being a lot of delamination on their panels.


At the same time, we were able to categorize each serial number to correspond with the layout of their plant.


So when clicking on the delaminated panels, they could also get the serial number for that particular panel, which made identification and remedial action much easier.

Client: Enerpoint
Solution: Serial Number Mapping

Last year, Paolo Viscontini, President and CEO of Enerpoint, came to us with a client’s plant of 25MW on top of a greenhouse, looking for a way to capture serial numbers since it was quite impossible to do so manually.


How did we solve the problem?

Thanks to our high-resolution inspection using a drone, we were able to map the entire plant and capture the serial numbers of each panel.

PV plant map

What was the result?

After completing the flight of the plant, we were able to digitize the plant, making it available on the Wesii Portal, where the client could view all of the serial numbers.


Furthermore, we provided an Excel file with all of the data and a PDF of the layout with the specific subdivisions.



“We came to Wesii because they offer an advanced technological service, they are ambitious and have a great intuition when it comes to technological innovation. I’m excited to see what they develop next!”

– Elena Bernardi

Head of Operations, BayWa Italia

“Wesii Aerial Thermography offers us a smart, effective way to provide insightful feedback over our client’s PV Plant health. They have a detail-oriented approach, but mostly they keep innovating their service delivery and quality standards to make their services very useful for their clients.”

– Alfredo Beggi

Head of Sales & Development, Stern


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