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Work with Wesii

The Largest Startup in Chiavari

Wesii is the largest startup in the Wylab Startup Tech Incubator in Chiavari, Italy, which is a one of a kind privately owned coworking space in the area. It is a space where we are able to collaborate with other startups, network with other industries and universities, aiding us in development and providing us the support to evolve and grow quickly. 

Wesii is a continuous learning atmosphere. We care about the development of our people and invest in courses throughout the year to nurture our team and therefore our company. In the past year we have invested in Agile training to adapt successful project management skills, one-on-one manager coaching for all of our upper-level management, language courses to aid our employees in our leap to the international market and specialized online courses to help hone the skills of each department such as digital marketing courses and online sales. 

Team Wesii with aerial inspection drones
Aerial inspection drone in mid-flight

What Makes Us Different?

We are an organization that believes in the right person over the right experience. We have hired people from all different backgrounds and aided their growth, by giving them the chance to work in various departments and on various projects, finding their perfect fit in Wesii. 

Interested in working with us? We’re always looking for the right person to join our team. 

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Don't just take our word for it...

“If I had to name all the reasons I love working for Wesii we’d be here for a while. However, one of my favorite things is that my boss trusts me. He gives me the freedom to go with my ideas, which in turn makes me work harder, allows me to make mistakes and learn and grow as an employee but also as a person. We all really love what we do here and what we are building together!

Jessica Vitorelo, Marketing Strategist 

"Wesii is a united young team with the desire to do, grow and improve. We always put in a lot of effort and believe in what we do and believe in this project.
Therefore, it's important for us to keep moving forward and to achieve better and better results, always staying ahead."

Lara Ercolani,

Sales Manager

“I started to work for Wesii in 2017. I have followed each step of the company's growth and we have made mistakes but we have improved ourselves all together.

I really like the environment, the ideals and the aims of the company. We are like a big team that share both happiness and sorrow.”

Marco Passarelli,

KPI & Process Strategist

“I like working for Wesii because I like the project on which the company is founded. Being part of a renewable energy company is very inspiring.
When I started working for Wesii two years ago, I never imagined I would find such a stimulating working environment. Since then, I have grown a lot professionally and part of the credit goes to our boss Mauro.”

Analisa Bardotti,

Data Processing Analyst

“My journey with Wesii started last year and almost immediately, I felt like I had found home. Although the majority of the team is young, Wesii is a great working environment for people of all ages, united to face the challenges that the reality of a start-up gives us every day.
Thanks to Wesii and Mauro, I stepped up my professional game and learned how to work in a team, I expanded my skills and met people that became not only my coworkers but also great friends.”

Klaudia Weres, Graphic Designer

“Working for Wesii is a blessing, especially being a Wesii pilot!


For me, it is a great opportunity and privilege to be part of a company like this. Since the very beginning, I have always felt happy to be a part of this team.”

Luca Matera, Operations Coordinator & UAV Pilot


Interested in working with Wesii?

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