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The First Company To Capture Serial Number by Drone in the Solar Industry

Yours truly have mastered the capture of serial numbers for individual solar panels by drone. Say whaaaat?

Since 2019, we’ve been using a 0.1mm resolution camera to aerially collect serial numbers that are (ever so microscopic) printed on individual panels of a solar plant.

What are you talking about?

Glad you asked.There are many aspects, as you can imagine or know first hand, that go into taking care of a solar plant. One of those being cataloging serial numbers. (more on that later).

In the past we have gathered serial numbers manually, meaning going around to each panel individually. You can imagine the time that takes and how difficult it would be to gather that type of information for a solar plant that sits on top of, let’s say, a greenhouse.

Why is this important?

Each solar panel has an individual serial number that is essential to that panel. It allows the owners, managers or maintenance companies to check the number against the database and know the model, make and any other related information. This is important when changing out your faulty panels and analyzing the functionality of various types, because you can easily and quickly access all needed data.

The ability to capture these numbers by a drone cuts out a lot of time and money spent on physically doing the labor. Additionally, it is much safer to utilize the drone features, because you are limiting the amount of people in the field, as well as the proximity to the panels.

I want to know more!

Great! We want to share more.

Check out our case studies and services to dig deeper.


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